Tuesday, April 15, 2008

getting hotter!!

MASSAD heat is getting on everyone, especially the performers and the committee members.. [including me].. my body is all aching.. too much dance practice perhaps? huhu.. farizan gave us some damn tough moves.. I'm doing a Malay dance this time.. 3 songs - 7 minutes!! *pusing2*

after each song, we all would actually fall on the ground!! [except farizan of course] damn tiring!! I'm actually growing muscle doing this dance!! huhuhu..

well, i bought new shoes to go with my dress for MASSAD.. it cost RUB1990 = RM 265 [haha! i know it's ridiculous to spend such amount for a pair of shoes.. but actually it's considered to be cheap, if you're living in Moscow City] and yes.. the brand is BATA.. the dress? you'll only see it on the day.. *wink2*

everyone is really busy.. not only the performers, but the committee as well, it's very hard to get everyone in the batch to do the job.. some are not even participating.. and people who are doing the job are circling around.. [well, I'm in the committee, and i had to juggle between dance practice, attending meetings, and well, get the job done so that MASSAD won't be a disaster] FYI, my batch are organizing MASSAD this year. every year, the 2nd years are the one organizing this annual dinner.

well, not making MASSAD a disaster is probably the president's job.. huhu.. i have so many things to do and MASSAD is just 2 weeks away!! audition is this weekend..

the parcel from my mom still haven't arrived, and it's getting me very worried.. pos laju, but dah 2 weeks tak sampai2 lg.. things for MASSAD are in there, and if it doesn't arrive soon, we might have to do handmade everything!! =( i hope it'll arrive soon!!

for people who don't know what MASSAD stands for, it's MALAYSIAN STUDENTS ANNUAL DINNER. :)

*dress to kill this summer*

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farisa zaffa razak said...

i love ur shoes. don't care the price!

i need a pair of flats right now! takkan nak pakai sneakers kot kat NY. hehe.