Wednesday, December 24, 2008

7 days and still counting...

finished my Hygiene and Ecology exam yesterday.. so far so good, i didnt get any really2 hard questions.. but to get 5 is still 50-50.. now all i can do is pray to Allah.. :) and i passed my written part of pathan colloq.. alhamdulillah.. so now, kene buat the oral part of the colloq plak.. colloq - short form utk colloquium.. so, kalau takde oral part, pggl test je la..

Owh, called my mom after i got back from class.. she said Nabilla got into SMART.. heheh.. and she said Saddam tak bg die masok SABS coz nnt die jadi lg spoil.. i see no difference really.. SMART pon cam byk je bdak spoil.. haha.. tp bdak2 lg pandai kot.. haha! :P any SABS-ian reading this, jgn la amek hati sgt ye.. so, the legacy continues.. Saddam sorang je yang kat SABS.. nanti mesti Nabilla start tny, "time kaklong dulu, ade tak cikgu 'what-so-ever' ajar kaklong?"... (but this time i can say, "gi tanye abg Man". haha!)

i used to be in MGPS, during my primary school.. and she entered to MGPS also.. fyi, my age gap with Nabilla is 9 years.. so when she was 7 i was already 16, can u imagine her asking me about who is my standard 1 teachers? she asked me until she finished standard 6.. of course la i dont remember my primary school teachers!! name tak igt la.. tp kalau tgk muke bley igt kot.. [kot~] :P haha!

i think, last year, i went to SMART, to get some of my certificates copy certified, and suddenly my ex-physics teacher yelled out my name.. "MAIMUNA!!".. i was like (in my heart la), "uikss.. cikgu igt name aku lg.. dah 2 thn kot tak jumpe and the most embarassing part was.. i didnt remember her name.. i was like, "ape ek name cikgu ni? aiseyh.. cikgu igt, i plak tak igt.." malu giler!! and i just said, "eh, cikgu~".. and salam her.. lol~!! well, i know her name la now.. i told the story to fareha.. and she told me her name.. Pn. Rohana ( ke Rahana?) ahaks.. tatau la.. buat malu je..

ok now, kene get back to updating my notes..

and owh! today, the snow finally has fallen.. igtkan tak snow sampai january.. the snow is a late this year.. (global warming?)

later y'all~

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