Sunday, December 21, 2008

10 days and counting..

oh God.. i cant wait for the holidays.. let it be 1 week or not, i need a break.. fyi, in russia, there's no Christmas holiday on the 25th.. so we'll be celebrating New Year's instead.. the holiday is until 11, right after the Orthodox Christian Christmas on the 7th January..

i have pathoanatomy colloq tomorrow... and Hygiene exam on Tuesday.. damn it! teruk betul Ali, ade ke patut change exam date.. kate on Thursday, suke2 hati je.. tau la die lecturer tp.... ishh.. tension betol..

i have been studying pathan since Friday.. dah Sunday pon tak habis2 lg hafal the questions and answers.. why is it so hard to concentrate?!! :(

well, gotta get back to my studying.. i hope I'll pass tomorrow.. and i don't think I'll score 5 for hygiene seeing that i could only study it for one night.. naseb baik multiple choice.. well, just hope that 1 night is enough to study 329 questions.. arghhh!! *sob*sob*


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