Sunday, April 25, 2010

another wish list

I blame this on my sister for posting about this eyeshadow on her Tumblr. Oh! can someone please buy this for me!!! I don't know why, but I have a thing for limited editions stuffs, and this eyeshadow palette is SOLD OUT! yup.. thats right SOLD OUT. The only place available is on eBay, which I'm currently watching the biding price. The original price for this Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay Book of Shadows Eyeshadow Palette is US$52.. and it went up till $200 on eBay! CRAZY! like seriously! it went up more than triple the original price! and people still buy it.. anyway, I'm watching the cheaper ones. I hope no one is bidding anymore, so I can bid in the last minute and WIN! *fingers cross*. Well, if the price goes up till US$60, I might as well give up. There's no way I'm spending that much on this!

Next on my list is.. and I blame this on Syaniza for introducing me to the Professional Manly 180 Colors Eye Shadow Palette. Ok I don't need 180 eyeshadow colors, I'm not a make-up artist.. This one has 88 colors including brush which I found with a bargain price of $35.09 at!!! It's a China wholesale website, and I'm still debating whether I should trust the website or not..

Last on my current list, is this cute Hello Kitty Mp3 player! Like I said, I have a thing for limited editions stuff. Anyway, my mp3 player broke down and I do need a new one. First time I saw this Hello Kitty Mp3 player is in Paris and it costs around €55-€60. Well, I found this on eBay and it costs US$65.09 and shipping to Malaysia is quite cheap (because it's from Korea).

Anyone wanna buy them for me? please, please, pweety please? :D May is just a few days away, and I'm itching to spend some money. I overspent last month, so I'm saving this month.. Oh please still be there till May! ;P

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