Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dreamflash 2010

I actually wanted to write this post last week, but I was so busy with my Therapy Cycle and the Case Presentation that I didn't have any time to update my blog..
Well, I passed my presentation which makes me very happy! :D

So anyway, last Sunday, 11th April, I went to Dreamflash Festival.. It's in Arbatskaya.. The news didn't spread that much.. Eugene found out by and some of my other friends found out from Moscow Times paper.. but a lot of them still didn't know about this festival, although it's been held annually..

So we left the hostel around 12:30 p.m. board the metro from Kon'kovo, straight to metro Smolenskaya.. There were 4 of us; Me, Juan, Eugene, and Ann. but later was join with Liyana, Sveta, Hsu Yin, Alex and Tanya.. and then later Ann left us and went with another group, so its 8 of us.. ;D bB back out in the last minute because he was tired.. :( but I don't want to miss this opportunity even though I was in the middle of my Therapy Cycle.. *wink*

We arrived around 1:40 p.m. and we waited in front of McD for Eugene's friends to come..

The Festival starts at 2:30 p.m, so when we arrived, there were other people just arrived as well.. it wasn't that crowded...

When the clock strikes 2:30, suddenly crowds of people just came swarming in.. It was sort of a parade, with people in costumes and their bubble kit..and well, there's no way for you to actually go against the flow.. It was loud with everyone blowing their bubbles.. screaming and laughing... The whole Arbat Street is congested with people.. and the cars are having a hard time trying to get through.. LOL! and I actually got separated with the others.. *sigh* such a bad memory..

Nonetheless, after trying calling them several times, I got through and found them.. phew.. and we continue taking pictures, blowing bubbles, giving & getting free hugs and free kisses (of course I didn't hug any russian guys because like takot kot!.. ;P but the boys were pretty excited getting those hugs and kisses from the girls.. ;DD)

Later, we went to Udonyasan for lunch.. yum!

Well, thats basically it.. here's some pics and you can view more on Facebook! enjoy!

take a deep breath and BLOW! ;D

everyone's blowing bubbles!

more bubbles!!

erkkk.. Jason! thank God he didn't bring his saw along.. ngeee.. :D


Juan caught by the ghost!

Having fun blowing bubbles! adorable!

Tall people.. There were at least 10 of them walking around the street..

I couldn't resist this pic.. so passionate.. [kalau kat Malaysia da kene tangkap dgn Jab. Agama Islam dah.. huhuhu~]

cool mask! I want! I want!

people in costumes :)

They say - HUG ME! :P

So I gave them hugs! hehehe...

looky! looky! she has a tail!

The crowds on Arbat Street. Seriously, how can you not get separated?

My food! Rice with Eel, salad, miso soup and green tea.. yum!!

This the most fun weekend I have ever had! I wish to go again next year! hehehee.. and I wish we had something like this going on in Malaysia.. It is so much fun!!!
p/s: thanks Eugene for inviting us.. ;)


nad said...

best gileeeee!! ade hot russian guys yg gave u a hug ta? hehehe

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hahaha.. xde la.. i tak hug russian guys.. nnt my bf marah..
ps: I loyal k.. ;D

petite girl said...

haha.nice post about russians and russia!:)