Saturday, April 24, 2010


I passed my 100th post on my previous post.. I thought of doing a special post of something, but inspiration abandoned me somehow.. huhu..

Anyway, I've been feeling restless the whole day.. I can't put my finger on what exactly that's been making me feel restless, although I just woke up from my sleep.. hrmm.. maybe it's too much sleep, or too much sugar? I've been consuming sugar the whole day, no proper meal unfortunately. I've been eating egg tarts, chocolate muffin, and maggie mee (haha! that doesn't count as sugary food does it?), and I've been drinking hot chocolate, tea with extra sugar.. I think i'm having sugar high! ;P

bB's not around, so I have no mood to actually prepare anything. It's more fun to cook when you're expecting other people to eat it. Maybe I should be a chef! ;D

maybe I'm restless because bB's not around, or I didn't get to have my proper conversation with Mama yesteday, because it was too noisy (she's in KL with the rest of the family) and she's having dinner. I wanna be there too. ;(

*sigh* bile bB nak balik ni? boring la.. maybe we should go shopping tomorrow! it's been awhile.. I shall propose this idea to bB later when he's back.. I hope he won't be so tired..

I don't have class on Monday because the lecturer gave us the day off to prepare our assignments, which I've already finished. yeay! now, I'm bored to death! Facebook has become dull as well somehow.. what else is fun on the net? any suggestions?

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