Sunday, April 29, 2012

1 Malaysia, 1 Dream?

There are so much havoc going on in Malaysia currently. All the news feed on Facebook are filled with Bersih 3.0 that was held yesterday and the pictures doesn't look pretty. While I am here, I can't say what happened there between the authorities and the civilians, but a picture can tell a thousand lies, or even a thousand truths. Who's to blame?

I can't say I support any of them because what I see both sides are ignorant and proud. Protest are held everywhere in the world. While I was in Barcelona, I was in the midst of a government protest. We didn't know it was a government protest because the signs were in Spanish and there were a lot of balloons giving out to people. BUT there was no teargas, there was no deaths, there was no running and screaming at authorities and most of all, THERE WAS NO TRAFFIC JAMS OR BLOCKED ROADS. Yes, the authorities were there. They were just looking out at them, nothing more. And the civilians just do continued on with their protest. I was in Barcelona for A WEEK. There was another protest held the following weekend. I've been told, they held protests every weekend.

Protest in Barcelona

Why can't Malaysians have some civilized mind? It doesn't matter whether you are the civilians or the authorities, everything shouldn't be like yesterday's event. I feel like we were in some 3rd world country running a war (from what I saw) eventhough people were giving reasons as to why it had happened. I say, IT SHOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED.


Arghhhh! I don't get it!!!

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I think our country is democratic enough. If there weren't any fair elections, BN would have not lost 3 states last election.

I don't know what is the TRUE purpose of Bersih 3.0. All I see is people taking advantages of the event. Like the tshirt sales. All I can think was, "wow! Untung giler tauke mana yang buat tshirt ni!". And I feel like it's WRONG! You are no better than the government taking advantage of us.

I am in the Malaysian Students Association in my uni. Although I am just the vice treasurer, I am responsible for the students welfare as well. Students will complain and talk about their dissatisfaction, while we are the one who are trying to make the changes. Do you think it is easy to deal with the university and hostel administrations? Politics are dirty, no matter where, no matter how small the association may be. There will be dirty politics, especially when money is involve. But, there are not many students who are willing to step up and be in the Students Association to make the changes. No one wants to get their hand dirty. Everyone wants to play safe. But if you're smart, you can make changes without the need to get your hands (too) dirty.

If you can't beat them, join them and make the changes within. That's my point of view. If you're smart enough. But if you're stupid, you run amok in the city centre, causing death of people and crying like a little child until you get what you want, which I think no one will take you seriously later. 

I don't see how you can gain votes, when your followers are dying everytime these protests are held. 

Kenapa lah manusia ni suka sangat buat masalah? -___-"


Faza said...

i like ur post and super agreed what u have said.

Kita faham sometimes mmg ada people yang x puas hati tapi cara mereka SALAH sama sekali.

p.s: those 'people' should read your entry.

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

if only I know those 'people'.