Friday, April 6, 2012

Last Day with Dr. T

Today was the last day of class with Dr. T. We'll only see him again on Wednesday for the 1st part of Therapy Exam. So sad. ='( Maybe we'll meet him again during electives and 2nd part of exam in June, but still.. It's so sad. We had so much fun with him. Not to mention the sugar rush we got every single day! >.<

So we took a few photos with him before we parted.

The beetle among the roses? hehe

Isn't he adorable? haha.. 

Kumar didn't attend class, that's why he's missing from the group pictures. But I think the picture turned out great! I really like the last picture. ;)

We bought a gift for him, and we gave it to him just now. He looked surprised when Sasha suddenly got up to get the gift from the cupboard. When we pass the gift to him he was holding it like he was afraid someone was going to take it away. Haha! He's such a funny guy.. 

We are so blessed to be able to spend 4 and 1/2 weeks with him. Hopefully he'll keep his promise and contact us if he ever visits Malaysia. ;)

Let us prepare for Dr. T withdrawal syndrome now! and I better get to studying for the exam now! >_<"


cracked bunny said...

sooo green with envyyy! i like my teacher but i cant love her still.i wish we had him as our teacher too.not our luck :(

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

takpe laa.. at least korang belajar banyak! the important part is the knowledge that you gained :))