Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Pretty Face Doesn't Always Mean A Pretty Heart

Let's forget that I have some sort of mini exam tomorrow. I decided not to go to class this morning. So I'm "trying" to fill my brains with all of the knowledge I've collected since 3rd year on Therapy. Can I trust my brain to not let me down? The momentum hasn't kicked in yet. Have I forgotten that I have a mini exam tomorrow? Shit...

Ok. Stop blabbering. I wanted to tell you about something else.

Few months ago, some dude sent a friend request to me via Facebook. I don't usually add people I don't recognize. Usually, I'll screen them with sending them a message, "Do I know you?" Most would say no, but they would like to be 'friends'. Usually, I told them off politely saying my Facebook profile is too public for a stranger, and they would yap about how we could know eachother better if we're friends on Facebook. Sometimes, I get negative response, where they said my face doesn't correlate with my attitude. But most time they'd just ignore me after I ignored them.

Anyway, this one dude. The first time we interacted, he said I was cute, pretty and all sorts of compliments. Not that I didn't like the compliment but it was just too much. I know I'm not that pretty. Out of a sudden, he said he wants to be my boyfriend. I had to lie to him and said I WAS ENGAGED! I was freaked out, and I'm sure these kind of guy won't give up if I just said I have a boyfriend. That was the first time.

Last 3 days was the 2nd time where we interacted. We were chatting and suddenly out of the blue, he asked me for a picture. I was like, what the f---? Of course I said NO. Why would any girl give out a picture of themselves to a stranger? He was persuading and stuff, and I just ignored it. Then, he asked again if I'd like to be his girlfriend. I told him "I'm taken", then he said, "I know, just kidding". Pushing your luck mister? I don't know why he even tried! He doesn't even know me. Just because I'm pretty? He doesn't know that I'm hot tempered, stubborn, messy and lazy!

but I hope I have both. =D

First of all, he didn't leave any good impression on me. Like, his English sucks for one. Not like I have a good command of English grammar all the time, but you know what I mean. Like I asked this guy, "So what do you do?" which is a question about work, which literally means "Are you working or studying or just fooling around?". He answered, "do nothing, layan2 mata tgk2 vdeo2 movie2 tp xleh2 nk tdo" (translate: doing nothing, just laying around watching movie, but can't seem to fall asleep). OK. #Facepalm. I asked a different question, he answered something else. "What are you doing?" and "What do you do?" are completely different questions! Sigh. In the end, he never told me what he does for a living once I told him I'm a medic student. Don't know if it's the case of ego or not. At least he's not using the "kew", "letew", "nyeww" in his Malay. That is just annoying!

I told bB about it, he laughed and just said, "Of course you wouldn't even care for this guy when you already have a cool, macho, doctor boyfriend like me!" (Ok, I added a few stuffs there, but he did say 'macho'). Not to say that what he said is completely untrue. But I know I would have acted the same way even if I'm not in a relationship with bB right now.

I am cocky. I think I know everything, I think I can do everything. So if I want a guy, I need a guy to be confident, and can prove me wrong without being annoying. Let's face it, ALL GUYS ARE SUPER ANNOYING. They want to be right all the time. I had this argument with Hariz the other day about, "Why don't you learn to cook?" I mean, he's in oversea most of the time and his wife doesn't follow him all the time. He said "I can cook maggie mee" and I 'm like, "a 5 year old can make maggie mee". Then he said, "Maggie mee 3 rasa, boleh ke?" I said, "Of course! Put the noodles, hot water and 3 flavours and you'll get 3 rasa. A 5 year old can think of that". Seriously, if you can't give me a good point, you should rather just drop it, or I'll dubbed you "ANNOYING!" What's wrong with learning to cook anyway?? and why can't he just answered honestly, "Malas" (lazy).

How to prove me wrong without being annoying? Shut up when you know you're wrong. Guys just give stupid answers when they try to win which is just SUPER DUPER ANNOYING! I just want to give that person a slap! bB just gave up most of the time we argued and let me win. That's even better! Then he'll say to me, "It's not about winning all the time". In my head - Of course it is!!! I'm such a stubborn girl. Of course if I'm really wrong, he would let me know it. He won't let me get off so easily. I would get upset if I loss, and he'll come and make things better or I'll just let it go if I think it's a small matter. Of course, we'll talk about it later, and he lets me win again. Sometimes. haha. :P

To those guys out there, don't try a girl just because she has a pretty face. She might not have a pretty attitude. They don't do you good. At least get to know her first, like personally know her (not by stalking her Facebook) before you decided jump the wagon. Decide to be with her only when you know you won't break her heart and she won't break yours. Me and bB were close for a year before we decided to be in a relationship, and 5 years later still haven't decide when we'll take the next step. Why rush?

I'm between Spring and Winter. haha. =P


Faza said...

HA-HA tergelak i bace entry nih ok!

when i got sms or pm from a guy and he asked me "hye.chat?buat aper tueww?" --> blurghh.. even it's a simple text but annoyed me at all.soooo typical question and i bosan!!

when i saw the word 'chat' instead of 'sihat'.. i dh start annoying :D

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

I know! It's such a cheesy line.. Kenapa orang tak boleh type betul2? bukannye susah pun... haih...

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Anna, I felt like you enjoyed letting off some steam with that post! Some guys nowadays are really stupid just like that example!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

I did enjoy letting off some steam! It's really difficult to find a decent guy out there.. I would be surprise if there are any girls out there who would actually respond to these guys. I can't take their cheesiness. My boyfriend isn't that perfect, but at least he's decent enough.. haha.. ;P

dHanna-the-secret-agent said...

hahaha betul. i sokong sgt lah part ejaan2 tu rasa nak lem'f'ang! haa kan dah terikut.

i igt lagi ada guy tetbe msg kat bf, layan je lah at 1st kan sebab he's malaysian same study here. tapi bila die dah start gune cheesy messy lines tu like, "wat pe tue, dah makan kew" eiiiu, whatthe, u are so educated ada master semua why lah taip mcm tu.

that is soooo wrong, man! terus i tak layan die dah. haha berdosa. but, i memang tak boleh sgt tengok lelaki taip mcm tu, terus bg bad impression to me. (i judged people a lot *sigh* but that is permissible kan) :D

oh i sometimes used that 'letteeew' and all in my writings, sebab i suke2 je perli2. i hope u dont think im one of them. hahak.

prends soin de toi! :D

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hahaha! you can actually know if someone uses them as perli2 and someone who actually uses them! I hope you don't use them as pick up lines peoz!! hahaa.. ;P

dHanna-the-secret-agent said...

i dont want to be one of thoseeeeeeeeeee! hahaha

tak sukeeewww taawwww~ lol

Aimi Nadhira said...

Kak Anna hot stuff. But the "stubborn" part - I feel you!!! :) Hope you're well!

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

LOL! I'm very well.. long time haven't heard from you...