Monday, April 2, 2012

Sugar High

Dr T had to go somewhere today and tomorrow, so he'll be missing our class for 2 days.. or maybe Wednesday too he said but he hoped, he'll make it on Wednesday. Not so sure where he went though.

Today, only me and Za went to class. We went into the office room to keep our bags and shoes. When we opened the cupboard, sheets of papers with a piece of post-it noted "For you to read" pasted on the papers. Me and Za were like "Awwwwww....." Why does he has to be so sweet? Ok, I know I'm over acting it. I know they're just medical journals but it's not easy to get a cute, male or even any teacher as sweet and caring as him in Moscow.

Sir, do you really need to be so romantic?

I swear, by the end of this 5 weeks, either we get a super high sugar high or diabetes! If only you know him like we do. Then you wouldn't even think I'm over-exaggerating about him. ;-P

How in the world does he even able to make us go "Aww", even when he's not around? =)


Faza said...

hehe lately, u byk tulis ttg DR.T rite? .. smpai i yg x pernah juper Dr.T pon rase nk juper dr.T .. awwww!

p.s : anne, u like strawberry do u? hehe

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

hahaha.. tu la pasal. Dr. T ni terlalu sweet, sbb tu rasa nak share pasal dia.. harap2 my bf tak jealous.. haha.. ;P

p.s: I love strawberries.. but there's another reason why the header is a photo of strawberries. I've been meaning to post about it. Nanti la.. hehe.. ;P