Saturday, June 23, 2012

Too Many Things Happening At Once!

I haven't gotten enough sleep for the past 3 days. Trying to settle stuffs before the graduation. Had to give back all my books to the library, had to pay extension fees of the hostel, had to go up and down the university to get stamps so I can get my degree certificate on graduation day. I have to clean my room for the arrival of my mother and I have to pack stuffs for cargo! argh! I'm so tired!

I had so many unpublished posts. My Kazan Trip posts is 1/4 done. I still can't find time to watermark the pictures. I wanted to write about the time I went to LINKIN PARK concert earlier this month which is my MOST AWESOME CONCERT EXPERIENCE, and it would be left in vain if I don't write about it.

Anyway, my mom and aunt is arriving tomorrow. Please pray for their safe journey and arrival.

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