Sunday, June 10, 2012


Oh how I miss travelling.

I miss Paris.
I miss Amsterdam.
I miss Madrid.
I miss Venice.
I miss Lisbon.
I miss Hong Kong.

My feet is itching to go somewhere, even though I just came back from Kazan (which I will update soon, once I'll get the pictures from my peeps). If only travelling doesn't consume all the money that I have.

Me and Za were planning to go to Brussels and Amsterdam last month, the budget wasn't that expensive. About RM2k for 1 week, but we had to use the money for other things, mostly graduation stuffs. So we just had to cancel and hop on Kazan trip instead. So sad. ='(

At the same time, I am missing home a little. I am missing Moscow as well. The thought of leaving here, just left me with such mixed feelings. As much as I hate Moscow, I am in love with Moscow. She's my 2nd home for 7 years.

Exam's in a week. The nerves are starting to get on me, but I can't pass the first page of my case questions. Hope all goes well. ^_^

Where to next? =P

Exams, graduation, and then we'll think about that, eyh?

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