Monday, December 31, 2012

Tired, Exhausted and Drained... on NY's eve..

Hey peeps.. you guys know how I always reviewed my year's resolution and make new ones on New Year's Eve?

Well, yeah..
I think I might have to skip this year's.. I have been working for 2 weeks now.. from 6am to 10pm daily.. One day off (THANK GOD!)

I rarely see the sun.
You'd thought that only happens in Moscow. Nope, it still is happening to me now...

I even forgot how it is to feel hungry.

OH! Not to mention the screwing I got from all the Specialist and MOs... Made me feel like, what have I been doing 7 years in Med School. How is it possible that I am still this blur! Sigh..

I just hope, things will get better along the way..
I have to do an NRP test within this 2 weeks, or I'm guaranteed an extension in this Department!
But I think I am expecting that.. I just don't know how to manage my time yet, and I can't get used to sleeping less than 5 hours.... I kept oversleeping!

Anyway, my current home is near the hospital, and my bedroom view is KLCC. Gorgeous view! Very de-stressing..

Tonight is New Year's Eve, but I don't think I'll wait until midnight to see the fireworks. I currently feel like a ZOMBIE!!

Okay peeps.. till the next post!


The view from my room


petite girl said...

You can Anna!

Your house has a view of KLCC? I thought your hospital is in S*****ng?

I did attachment there previously, very good facility:)

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Thanks Ann!!
haha.. yeah.. nampak KLCC.. and it is in Selayang.. Nampak jauh la KLCC.. dalam gambar ni, I zoomed in.. ;)

Next time nak buat attachment, just call me.. ;)